Grease-Free & Green

Conventional bearing units use grease and require periodic re-lubrication. Re-lubrication consumes both labor hours and grease. Excess grease is washed away and contaminates our environment.

Volution solid lubricated bearings trap lubrication in the bearing and block out contaminates to significantly extend bearing life. The superior solid lubricant combines a micro-porous polymer with food grade USDAH1 approved oils. The solid lubricant releases the right amount of lubricating oil to the bearing.

Solid lubricant bearings are lubricated-for-life and never require re-lubrication. Re-lubricating a conventional bearing can use over 4000 grams of grease per year on average. In just one tortilla production line, Volution bearings saved over 351 lbs of grease in just one year.

This truly green alternative is proven to dramatically reduce operating costs, improve HACCP compliance and cleanliness, reduce waste, and keep our environment clean.