High Temperature Solid Polymer Lubricant Now Available

Volution customers asked for a higher temperature version of our very popular solid polymer lubricant.  We listened and developed an incredible product that has proven successful in oven and bakery applications with temperatures reaching 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Let us solve your high temp bearing needs. Call us today. 678-997-1520

Corrosion resistant bearings for the Cryogenic, Saltwater and Corrosive Food Industries

The highest combination of extreme corrosion resistance, increased speed and load capacity combined with the ability to run without lubrication. XDNitro bearings perform in cryogenic, saltwater, corrosive food processing, and virtually anywhere standard stainless bearings fail. Volution XDNitro Extreme Stainless ceramic hybrid bearings offer the highest combination of extreme corrosion resistance and increased speed and …read more